Monday, 23 April 2012

Vampire City

This post might be a little off topic given that this is a blog about wargaming and miniatures. However, after a little encouragement from Sir Angry over at Frontline Gamer I have plunge and decided to diversify a little. For those of you who do not know me in real life, which I imagine is most of you. You will not be aware that my 'other' hobby is writing, and by writing I mean writing for role-playing games.

I have over the years been involved with a number of games companies, working on one role-playing game or another. I got my start many years ago when flatmate setup the Conspiracy X discussion group, we got quite a surprise when the guys at Eden Studios joined the group, and shortly after I became a playtester. Eventually I progressed from playtesting, to editing / proofreading, and eventually to writing, picking up my first "additional writing" credit on the "Hand Unseen" sourcebook. Since then I have been always been involved with one company or another.

Recently I got involved with Vagrant Workshop, and together with Jason Wallace set about developing the Vampire City rpg, based on the original Western City game produced by the same company. The "city games" as we call them depart from regular role-playing games in that they are designed to be Games Masterless. With the players working together to craft a story and achieve their character's goals. Unlike the original Western City, Vampire City is a less collaborative experience allowing characters to work against each other as well as together.

Unlike many role-playing games, the first thing that needs to be done in Vampire City is to layout the basic ground work of world, establishing what kinds of vampires exist and what powers they have available. This allows the players to taylor the game to the way they want it... what to play in a Blade-like environment, you can do that, want to emulate other games like Vampire: The Masquerade, you can do that too. Sorry, the only option I didn't include is "sparkly emo unicorn vampires", but if you wanted to do a twilight inspired game you could do that to with a minimum of fuss.

Any of that sound interesting? Here is the link to DTRPG if you want to pick up a copy... Vampire City

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