Monday, 4 June 2012

Infinity Engine Update 2

I have spent some time over the weekend thinking about and reworking the skills list for the Infinity Engine. Obviously not all the skills listed below are applicable to all possible settings, and in some cases others may have to added. These skills do reflect on my intentions for my new setting to work in tandem with the Infinity Engine and I'm currently exploring some ideas, and reading a lot of sci-fi.

Undoubtedly, given the Infinity Engines origins, there will be comparisons with Fading Suns. It is not however my intention to simply rewrite Fading Suns with serial numbers filed off. Though I am sure that both game settings will draw upon some of the same material for inspiration.

Anyway here is a look at the skills list that I have so far. If I have obviously missed something please let me know.

Art (specific)practice with a specific art form
Athleticsmovement on land, running, jumping, and climbing
Aquaticsmovement in water, swimming, and diving
Beast Riderriding and handling riding and draft beasts
Bureaucracyknowing how to get things done in a bureaucracy
Coercionforcing other people to do what you want
Commandcontrolling others in a tactical environment
Craft (specific)practice is a specific craft
Culture (specific) language and customs within a specific culture
Deceptiontelling convincing lies
Demolitionspreparation and defusing of explosives
Disciplineresisting metal domination, psychic intrusion, and torture
Dogmaunderstanding the nuances of theology, and ecclesiastical thought
Drivehow to drive land vehicles from motorcycles to 18-wheelers
Etiquetteunderstanding the finer points of social graces in high society
Free Fallmovement in free fall, or micro gravity
Fightthe ability to fight unarmed or with improvised weapons
Gamblingknowing how to play the odds in game of chance and skill
Gunnerythe use of heavy weapons and artillery
Helmhow to maneuver a starship
Inquiryknowing how to conduct forensic investigations, and interrogations
Interfacebeing able to mesh, program, and hack smart cores
Intrusionthe ability to over come security systems
Legerdemaindeft manual dexterity that allows for slight of hand tricks and stage magic 
Lore (specific)practice within a specific scientific or academic field
Medicineknowledge of how to treat injuries and illnesses
Meleethe training to fight with close combat weapons
Perceptionthe ability to use ones senses
Persuasionthe ability to manipulate others with subtlety
Pilothow to fight various atmospheric and trans-atmospheric craft
Ritualthe practice of rites and rituals believed to confer supernatural power
Sailhow to maneuver water born vehicles
Shootthe training to handle and use various ranged weapons effectively
Sneakthe ability to move quietly and remain hidden
Survivalan understanding of fire-making, foraging and shelter building
Streetwisean appreciation for criminal contacts and black market dealers
Technologythe ability to make repairs to broken or damaged technology
Throwthe training to use various thrown weapons
Torturethe practice of using pain to extract information

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