Monday, 18 June 2012

Infinity Engine Update 4

Been working away on Character Genesis, actually a very tricky bit of writing to do when you haven't added a lot of flesh to the new setting. But I think I've got enough done that I can build pre-gens for the playtest adventure.

I have also made a start plotting out "Abandoned Hope" adventure. So I know now what its about and some of the main scenes. This will not be a fully fleshed scenario, but it will give game masters enough to go on when learning how the Infinity Engine works and teaching it to their players.

So the last point I need to raise in this post is the name of the game, so to speak. As James Sutton pointed out recently on the RPGsite. The name "Infinity Engine" is already in use as the name of an RTS engine owned by Bioware, and wouldn't that present a problem? Actually I didn't think that it would as they are different arenas and there is nothing to connect me to bioware. I also note that some computer games companies have used the same names for their engines in the past and not come to blows about it (Phoenix Engine, being a name used by both Relic and Wolfire).

However, some friendly advice from various people has suggested that, while it is unlikely to ever be an issue, it cannot be ever become an issue if I used a different name.

A few suggestions include:

Infinity Game Engine
Infinity Drive
Infinity Core
Infinity Protocol
Infinity Code
Infinity Source

Would anyone like to make any other suggestions?

Or indicate their preferences?

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