Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Infinity Core Update 10

A little belated this week, but things have been very hectic, my daughter being ill with chicken pox, finishing up some freelance projects, moving office at work.

I did get a rather lengthy, but excellent, feedback form the guys at Vagrant Workshop concerning the Infinity Core rules chapter. Most of the advice focuses on issues in the layout and flow of the document rather than the problems with the rules set. So I'll need to go back and sort things out once I'm finished with my current racking over of character generation which is almost finished.

I have made some changes to the way character generation works. In order to differentiate more between characters, players need to grade their characters physical, mental, and social attributes, as primary, secondary, ternary. This gives the corresponding attribute pair a starting ranking of 3, 2, or 1.

For the moment I have also removed the concept of 'natural' skills. If a character needs to be able to do something then the player needs to buy the skill during character genesis.

Most of my time over the last week has gone into building the lifepath system, I'm still working on the 'destiny' section, and I think that notions of fate and destiny are likely to become central themes of the 'Dark Stars' project.

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