Monday, 9 July 2012

Infinity Core Update 7

A new blog to separate my wargames related stuff, from my roleplaying related stuff, from my games development related stuff. A new name for my game system, now officially "Infinity Core", as most people who responded, did so positively to that name, and a new logo to match.

I don't, unfortunately, have a major amount to report, other than I have been very busy with work (out side of normal business hours) last week and thus it has cut in on my writing time. The adventure Abandoned Hope is still progressing, now at about 7K words (don't really want it to go past 10K), I'm making a few adjustments to the flow of the encounters so that they build up gently and don't dump the characters in at the deep end. Also trying to stich up any plot holes I find.

I have stated out all the encounters now, except the final show down, I'm still working on that one. As far is is possible I'm trying to provide a mixture of physical, mental, and social conflicts so that the characters can get used to how these work. Some encounters can be handled either physically (blow holes in things with guns), or socially (talk to or intimidate your way through).

With the changes to the Skills list and the lifepath system I'm going to have to go back and rework the pre generated characters I'd built for the adventure.

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