Sunday, 15 July 2012

Infinity Core Update 8

This past week I sent a draft copy of the Abandoned Hope adventure to the guys at a Vagrant Workshop so that they can do a read through and make suggestions for a second edit. I'm under no illusion that the adventure will need more work and refinement, but it always helps to get an unbiased opinion. Carsten, Lars, and Jason are all very busy right now so it might be a couple of weeks before I get anything back from them.

In the mean time I have been looking at the Traits Chapter again. Going through the laborious terminology change (Find and Replace cannot do everything), switching benefits and afflictions to assets and burdens.

I also started work on a system of "Aspects" this is very similar to the old Nature / Demeanor concept from the White Wolf games. Except that each character only gets one, not two, and it reflects their core archetype. All aspects are both positive and negative. Here is a couple of examples:

Child: The child looks out on a world that is full of new possibilities and things to do and explore. Often the child becomes obsessed with something or someone for a short period of time before losing interest and acquiring a new plaything. The child is both curious and capricious and regains a point of Conviction when she is able to share her sense of wonderment at something new with others, or when ever she is able to discard one obsession for another.

Guardian: The guardian is a protector ever watchful for threats to those in his care, but sometimes people can be their own worst enemy and need help to find the right path. The guardian is both protective and overbearing and gains a point of Conviction whenever he is able to step in to protect his ward from harm, or make the “right” decision for them.

In addition I have also been giving thought to certain exotic abilities, like cybernetics and psychic powers. In both cases I have determined that emulating Fading Suns is not the direction that I wish to take. For a start I don't really see the need for a corruption mechanic. At the moment both of these sub-systems are looking like they will be added to the Traits Chapter as assets and burdens rather than have their own dedicated chapters. This would balance them against character genesis rather than having to have a corruption mechanic to control the use of the ability.

Please feel free to comment and make your opinions known.

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