Monday, 2 July 2012

Infinity Engine Update 6

Another week has flown past and it is time to write another update. The sample scenario, "Abandoned Hope" is now all charted out. It still needs work, primarily that means that all the encounters need to be stated out, and the pre-generated characters need to be written. I'd forgotten just how much effort has to go into writing scenarios. The quickest I ever knocked out a Shard for Fading Suns was about 2 months, so I'm a little a head of the curve so far, but now there is a lot of donkey work to do to get it to point were people can pick it up and play it.

I am still working on other parts of the whole package, including:

I have been considering adding a fourth attribute pair, to give: Physical, Social, Mental and Virtual (not sure thats the right word yet, perhaps "Tech", "Info" or "Shadow"), but essentially an info shadow that facilitates interactions with information networks. Much like the other pairs this would form a 'speed' and an 'endurance' attribute in the pairing. About now you are likely wondering why I'd need another attributes pair, well read on and find out...

I have been making refinements to the skills list this week too. So far the changes involving dropping a few skills or rolling them into others.

Medicine has been renamed Trama Aid, and its field narrowed to emergency aid, battlefield care.
Etiquette has been rolled into the Culture skill.
Arts and Craft skills no longer need specialities, and the Craft skill in now the low tech equivalent of the Technology skill.
Gambling has been folded in to Deception, and Legerdemain is currently under threat if I can work out what to fold it into, I may just cut it all together.
I have always been a fan of the lifepath system of generation, be it from Fading Suns, Blue Planet, or even CyberPunk. I feel it goes a long way to outlining the character for the player, especially if its a new player with little exposure to the background of the world setting. So I have determined to rebuild a lifepath system into my new setting, but I don't want to simply copy what Fading Suns did, though certainly there would be similarities.

The lifepath will form a five step character generator, each step costing 20 genesis points from the pool of 100 that a character starts with. These will come under the titles of (and these are really just place holders till I can come up with better terms):

Archetype: What kind of person is the character at his heart?
Allegiance: To which Faction does the character owe his allegiance and how does that shape him?
Training: What did the character train for?
Career: What role / function did he serve?
Destiny: What is the future direction of the character?

I think it is about time I start to share some of the ideas I have for my new setting, currently code named "Dark Stars". If I had to try and explain it one sentence it might read like this, "Post pan-galactic trans-human apocalypse". As such there is a lot of technology in the setting (all man made, though much it beyond the keen of current mankind), mostly held in the hands of the dynastic magnates elevated to positions of an immortal nobility. The common man might live at a level equivalent to that of the 20th century (pre-information age), but the dynastic heirs are the inheritors of cybernetics, high-tech weapons and shields, re-life technologies. Death is not the end for those who are inheritors of trans-human legacies. Dynastic heirs are in effect technologically elevated demi-gods.

Technology is not universally available to the dynasties, and different lineages use different methods of immortality, be it clone bodies with memory transfer, to the inheritance of a multifaceted man, to singularity uplift.

I will reveal more in the near future.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your comments.

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