Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dark Stars for Infinity Core

Dark Stars Project : Inter Worlds Gate Map
So far I have mainly talked about the Infinity Core, the revisions and ideas I have for improving the system mechanics and getting the open playtest underway. There is still a lot to do on the Infinity Core, mostly in peripheral add ons to the core, cybernetics, psychic powers, and more.

I think its more than time that I start talking about the Dark Stars setting that I'm working on. Above you can see a quick 'Gate Map' that I knocked up to help present the lay of the land. This map is not complete, it only marks the 'Gate Worlds' which are directly linked by permanent stable wormholes that permit almost instant transit between the surface or one world to the surface of another. There are also many in-system gates that link worlds within the same solar system.

All the names on the map are subject to change. 'Charr' for example, the system where the 'Abandoned Hope' adventure takes place is a 'Beacon World' in Quarantine's local cluster. This means it is a world that can be accessed by a starship with an FTL manifold drive, but there is no direct gate there, and as such is a backwater world that is rarely visited by the Dynasties and plays only a minor role in the politics of the sphere.

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  1. Shibby! Sounds like things are really taking form. Can't wait for the release of the playtest stuff!

  2. Nice map. I love the idea of surface to surface wormholes; reminds me of the Commonwealth series which had trains going from world to world thru wormholes. Having a pulp style sci-fi train scene always resonated in my gamer heart.

    Curious about other parts of the setting. Is there going to be something other than a megacorp + feudal + theocracy keeping the people in artificial dark ages? That was a part of the FS setting that kept me from running/playing (I'd just want to play a game overthrowing the government).

    Looking forward to Infinity Core and Dark Stars.

  3. I admit that I read Pandora Star and Judus Unchained a few years back, and I thought them really inspiring. I'm currently reading the Void trilogy, and enjoying them to. So I'd certainly say that Peter F. Hamilton is a strong influence on my current thinking. But then so is Iain M. Banks and his Culture books. I'm sure that many of the obvious influences on Fading Suns (Dune, name the most obvious) are works that I could also site.

    The truth is that I'm actually more interested in what happens when a society like Hamilton's Commonwealth fails and crumbles into ruin. Dark Stars is about the aftermath of galaxy wide Transhuman apocalypse...

    This new dark age, is one that elevates the Dynastic 'nobles' above the common man through access to technology, specifically effective immortality, The main Factions will include 7 'noble houses', the Dynastic Families which are military / industrial / political power houses. The Covenant, a sort of techno-mage sect that enforces strict neutrality but understands / maintains / controls the gates. And the Junkers, interstellar wanderers and nomads who dominate FTL travel to the beacon worlds and beyond.

    There are faiths, but nothing like a monopolistic monotheism as there is in Fading Suns. Instead there are many faiths, some old, derived from the belief systems of ancient Earth, some new, some alien, but all lacking any significant power at this time. Religion is a belief system for the uneducated, unenlightened, common man, not the Dynastic Heirs, who are like demi-gods anyway.

    Finally the last major faction is the 'Ordo Solaris', strange warrior monks who defend the sphere from some unspecific external threat. They are based on Quarantine and little is known about what they are really up to.

  4. Sounds very interesting (especially techno-mages; have a soft spot for them). Looking forward to it.

    I need to pick up Iain M. Banks' Culture books

  5. The playtest adventure "Abandoned Hope" doesn't give to much away concerning the setting. It is written to give the players a taste of Junker life. Operating as a deep space salvage operation. But it will give an idea about some of the technology in the setting.