Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dark Stars Technology

Dark Stars for Infinity Core

The last thousand years of human history have been a tale of ruin. As mankind reached the Transcendant levels of technology a great war broke out between the various human factions. The specifics remain unknown, or at least unclear, and much was lost as whole planets burned, stars where snuffed out, and weapons of such terrible power were used without restraint or concern for any long term goal.

Some amongst the Dynasties Immortals have memories that stretch back before the great collapse. They saw millions of worlds sundered from each other as the gate network failed or was systematically destroyed. Some historians claim that humanity was the greatest power in the Universe, first amongst all other sentients, looked upon as gods by many of the uplifted races.

Whatever the truth, however it came to pass, mankind fell from grace, and is now but a shadow of its former glory. Instead of a vast Commonwealth that spanned galaxies there are a few surviving pocket empires, adrift, alone amongst the Dark Stars.

Technology is essential to the Dark Stars Universe, it gives raise and legitimacy to the political power of the various factions. It raises the Dynasties above the level of the common man, provides the means by which the Covenant bridge the immense distances between worlds, and gives the Junkers their freedom to move beyond the grasp of a stagnant social order. 

Below is a rough guide to the technology levels used in the Dark Stars setting.

Technology Levels
0: Pre-Agrarian
Hunter-Gatherer culture, stone tools, barter

1: Ancient Period
Agriculture, domestication of beasts, writing, metal tools, money

2: Pre-Industrial
Engineering, printed word, credit

3: Industrial Revolution
Internal combustion engine, atmospheric flight, gun powder weapons

4: Information Age
Computer and networks, information sharing, trans-atmospheric flight, space travel, kinetic kill weapons, guided munitions, AI, fission power, ion drives

5: Inter Solar Era
Sub-luminal extra solar space flight, lance weapons, fusion power, fusion drives

6: FTL Era, First Diaspora Era – Trans Human
Super-luminal space flight, plasma weapons, anti-matter power

7: First Sphere – Superior Human
Shield Technology, nano-fabication, macrostructures,

8: Second Sphere, Reunification Era – Prime Human
Gate Technology, FTL Comms,

9: Commonwealth of Man Era – Post Human
Matter / Energy conversion fabrication, teleportation

10: Transcendence Era – Beyond Human
Quantile fabrication systems, destiny imprinting, existential mechanics


  1. ....awesome. I'm getting the same enthusiasm for this as I did for Eclipse Phase and Cthulhutech when I first started reading bits for them. Also saves me the job of writing my own game. :)

  2. Nice :) Where can we pick up the game?

    1. Sorry Adam, life has over taken this project. I do mean to get back to it.

      Of late I've been working on the layout and art for another RPG called "Dark Places" by Jeremiah Schwennen to be published by Vagrant Workshop. And putting some writing time into finishing Super City (the 3rd and to my mind final of the City books) also for Vagrant Workshop.

      I've also had a 7 pieces of cover art for novels... https://www.behance.net/gallery/21522397/The-Glasgow-Chronicles all in addition to holding down a real world job and having a young family. Life is a busy thing. :)