Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Infinity Core Update 11

I set myself the target of getting the Infinity Core playtest out to the public by GenCon 2012 and time is now catching up with me. In order to give Jason Wallace an opportunity to make an editing pass, before Dammi assembles the files for download, I have had to draw a line under the work that has been done.

I will not pretend that the system is as complete as I would like, I have had to cut the lifepath at the last minute because it requires more development time to shape it up the way I want it to work. So there will only be the points buy option in the playtest.

Cybernetics and Psychic powers will not make into this draft either. But I will likely make them available down the line. I want the playtest to focus on the core mechanical elements, to make sure that they work before I start adding sub systems.

As previously mentioned the playtest will be run through the Vagrant Workshop, so if you would like to take part, please make sure that you have signed up to the Vagrant forums.

I will post further details when I have a go live date.

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