Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sorry: A Slight Delay

After promising that the Infinity Core Playtest would be out by GenCon, we have hit a small snag. Basically, editing my work is quite an intensive process, I am dyslexic and do not spell very well. My poor editor, Jason Wallace, is off to GenCon himself, and could not complete one of the chapters in the time that he had.

We could have just sent the document out unedited. But Dammi and I agreed that it would be better to delay until Jason can complete the job upon his return. Again I offer my apologies for not hitting the deadline. I hope you guys can hold on a little longer.


  1. No worries--looking forward to reading the playtest document when you get it together!

  2. Same here. Can any one get in on the playtest?

  3. Short answer is yes... playtest will be open to anyone and everyone.