Sunday, 19 August 2012

Why "Dark Stars"?

Dark Stars for Infinity Core

I got asked the other day where the name "Dark Stars" came from, and whether the name was simply a rip off of Fading Suns. I have to say that its not, but it does require some explanation.

A long time ago I wrote a game called "A Dark Earth", it was a post apocalyptic setting, in which electronics had been knocked out, mechanical stuff worked, but electronics didn't. The title referenced that from the colonies Earth was now appeared dark, dead, and lifeless because there where no longer any transmissions of any kind.

Dark Stars is a reference to the same concept, many (most) of the civilised worlds of the Commonwealth have gone dark, their tech destroyed or suppressed to keep them hidden from whatever  threat brought about the Collapse and the end of Human supremacy. Without transmissions, without hyper beacons, those worlds are effectively lost... hence Dark Stars.

The definition of a Dark Age, is a period of time in which there is little writing or culture to carry society. That the worlds are "dark" because technology / communication isn't working makes sense.


  1. Still sounding awesome! Also loving the Dark Stars font. Just a bit awesome.

    More please!

  2. The font is "Dream Scar", I've had it a long time, but never really found a use for it. I'm not convinced that it is a 100% match for the look I want, but it was the closest I could find for now.

  3. It's nice. I like it a lot. I think it works as it's interesting enough to not be boring, but not so weird as to be un-readable or off-putting.

    What I'm really wanting to see now is anything on alien races and weirdness. :)

  4. I am actually really curious! :-)

  5. Aliens huh? You want to know about aliens?

    Well I have the 'concept' but now real detail right now. Look out for my next update. Take a real close look at the Star Map V2 and the there will be a hint on there as to my thinking... got to leave something for those who what to speculate ;)