Monday, 10 September 2012

Infinity Core Playtest in Layout

Things take time, but they are moving.

This morning I received the test layout for game mechanics part of the playtest. Carsten has gone for a clean futuristic style, that is easy to read, attractive, and should't tax your printer. Using a single text column and a wide margin for sidebars and notes, it should be easy to read on a computer screen also. There is of course no artwork, this is a playtest document, not a core rulebook.

This chapter runs to 20 pages. So the estimate is that the complete playtest file will run to about 90 pages, when fully laid out. It will include game mechanics, character generation, skills, traits, and the Abandoned Hope adventure.

So when will it be out?

Provisionally, late next week, is when we can expect to see it. As always, this is provisional, we are all unpaid volunteers, and sometimes real life throws us a curve ball. But we are real close now.

Thank you for your continued support, and good will.


  1. Extremely excited!

  2. Excited as well! Will see if my gaming group want to test this!

  3. Fantastic! I would like to playtest this with my group.

  4. The playtest will be free and wide open for anyone who wants to contribute.

    The playtest is mostly about rules testing, and is therefor light on background. But it should be playable, and feedback will be used to improve the playability of the mechanics.

  5. Rules testing is ok. There are very few good Space Scifi systems out there. I am looking forward to this.

  6. This is an 'early' test so don't expect to much from it.