Monday, 3 September 2012

Update: Me and my T

Me sporting my new Vagrant Workshop T-shirt
We are in the last stages of preparing the Infinity Core Playtest for release. Editing is now complete, many thanks to Jason Wallace. I have also made another pass at the document to address a few of the editing comments left by Jason. So now this document will be passed to Carsten Damm to give it a layout, I look forward seeing what he comes up with.

This last week I've been working on the back story to Dark Stars, trying to flesh the history section out from a few bullet points to actual readable text. I now have a few pages detailing the Ruin of the Commonwealth, and the development of the Dynastic order that rose up to replace it. It can be tricky to visualise a form of futurist immortal feudalism, trying to get a feel of an evolving setting, with static unchanging beings at the helm is an odd thing.

I have also been working on the conceptual cybernetics chapter, gone are all vestiges of "chrome era" hardware. Instead of buying specific implants with usual corresponding loss of sanity, all implants are replaced with several areas of expertise. for example a character with "Aggressor" routines, adds combat functions to his body. The form they take is unimportant, their manifestation can be described as needed.

Still working out the fine detail on these.


  1. This is me, being super excited. I'm here if you need anything. ;)

  2. Interesting take on cybernetics... I have never really played any games with cybernetics in them except cyberpunk 2020.

  3. Most games I've seen with cybernetics take after the cyberpunk model, and there is nothing wrong with that. I just feel that that is far to limiting an approach for a game with ultra-level tech.