Friday, 1 February 2013

Post Human

Big sister Nina, inspects little brother Keir
As the title might suggest, its been about three weeks since the birth of my son, Keir. I'd like to say that things are getting back to normal, but I have no idea what normal should be right now. I'm operating on even less sleep than normal though his nocturnal cycle is moving slowly towards dawn. A 1am wake up is not good, a 6am wake up I can live with. Its just that he needs to be feed every 2-3 hours. Still the important thing is that he is healthy and swiftly gaining weight.

Dark Stars
Right down to business. I promised an update on Dark Stars and Infinity Core by the end of January 2013, and now its the 1st of February. So I'm overdue, understandably I think. But even with the best excuse in the world, I understand the frustration of everyone who is waiting and seeing time slip past.

So first up the project now runs to 95 pages of text. The contents look something like this:

Just what it says.

History of the Sphere
A look at the 1,000 years of human history from the end of the Commonwealth, through the Ruin, to the Rise of the New Order.

Gazetteer of the Sphere
To include a brief description of all the planets currently linked by the Byway Network. Still have a couple to write up, but most are done.

Game System
Infinity Core with new dice mechanics.

Character Genesis
Amended for the new game system mechanics, and updated to include a lifepath creation method.

Skills and Fighting Forms
Have pruned out the Interface skill (its been moved to Augmentation) and added in a number of martial fight techniques to add some variety. Includes examples of martial arts, related to hand-to-hand, melee weapon, and shooting weapons fighting forms.

Now heavily adjusted to reflect the version of Infinity Core and Character Genesis chapters.

A first and somewhat rough draft of the direction I want to take with cyberware in dark stars.

Still on my list of things needing my attention is the Psi Ops (Psychic Operancy), High Sciences (Techno-Majik), Technology of the Sphere. And a new testing adventure to for the next round of testing. Busy, busy, and more busy. i could a few more hours in the day.


  1. Good to see you're coping with the new arrival. Thankfully my own lad is mostly asleep and is a real blessing as he's my first offspring!

    Been keen to see how the Dark Stars are progressing but I think everyone will understand the pressures and stresses a new baby can bring.

    Congrats and good to hear things are progressing. :)

  2. Thanks guys for your wishes of support. Paternity leave is officially over and I'm back to work today. I'm looking at it somewhat akin to taking a holiday. Don't get me wrong I love my children, but they can be hard work, you'll know what I mean InkedJay (how old is your boy?).

    So in the few hours I have when for one reason or another I should not be awake, but am, I try to get a little bit of writing done. Just finishing up the brief description of the world of Azail. Next I need to tackle technology, specifically stuff that is important to the setting, like the workings of hyperspace (witchspace), gates and byways, computer technology, weapons technology, and more.

    I wasn't going to tackle the tech chapter just yet, but it has become increasingly obvious as I struggled to write the cybernetics (augments) chapter that I need to describe the tech base better to try and get across the feel of the game environment.

  3. Welcome back! And with raising 3 boys myself and now my 3 grandkids, I know Exactly what you mean about it feeling like a break to go to work.

    I look forward to the Tech stuff and the world/universe descriptions..

  4. Three! Nitehood, you have my eternal respect. We are defiantly stopping at two. I'll be off to the vet to get the snip at some point, once we are completely sure. And congrats on the grandkids, if my children wait as long as I did before having their own children then I might not live long enough to meet them... which is a sobering thought.

    Started typing out tech stuff, beginning with the important stuff... Witchspace, or how FTL spaceships work!

  5. Hi there! I'm happy to see everything goes as plan... This shall lead us into the "first, galactic, empire!!" ok I'm not at the good place.

    But still! Whatever, I am rambling. I know how you feel because I am about to feel it again... Hehehe. Little girl is now soon to be 9 years old, my boy is 2 years old and my girlfriend just announced me she was pregnant! (oooh a third baby :-) . But no jumping around yet. She's having trouble keeping them (3 miscarriages).

    It's great to see that you started again working on your project. You will learn how to be a zombie and work with less and less sleeping. :-D

    Come on! Go feed that baby while you create!

  6. A miscarriage is tough, three must be hell, my sympathies to you both. We have been fortunate not to have experienced that, but friends of ours have. But I think we are done with two. I'm looking forward to getting our son out of the larval grub phase and into being a little human, they are far more fun when they can walk and talk ;)

  7. So true. My 2 years old boy is right in the exploration phase with a powerful self propel. Hugh! At least I have a soon to be adolescent girl (argl!!!) with which we can give more and more responsibilities.

    Will send you my comment by email as I have started already. I may sometime put some here.