Sunday, 17 February 2013

To Infinity Core and beyond...

Infinity Core
By way of a small update. I just sent out an alpha test copy of first eight chapters of Dark Stars to my Alpha Testers. I feels really good to give what I've been working on for months over to other people to take a look at and give me feedback (positive or negative). Of course the first eight chapters is only about two thirds of the full intended project.

So now I have a little breathing space to think about all the other projects that I want to work on.

I can tell you that I do have a second game on the back burner. This game too uses the Infinity Core, but with some changes. I could characterise the Infinity Core in Dark Stars as being very "Cinematic", the abstracted way in which conflict is handled works really well for the style of game, but its not to everyones taste.

The other Infinity Core project that I'm working on is called "c.War", and its a hard science fiction setting with no faster than light communications or transport. It tells the story of mankind's early attempts at interstellar colonialism and warfare. What makes this setting interesting from my perspective is the kind of stories that can be told and how it aims to simulate the disjunction between those who have gone to war and then return to those who haven't.

c.War will offer the opportunity for GMs to run adventures in each of three distinct 'zones'; at Home, in Transit, and on Mission. The use of all three are critical to getting the right feel to c.War. The purpose is to really hammer home the disjunction between home and warfare.

The Infinity Core will see a fairly major revision between Dark Stars with its cinematic approach and c.War with its hard gritty approach and part of that will be a revision of the conflict mechanics away from the abstraction of a conflict turn back to a more traditional role-playing game turn sequence, featuring "combat time" a system that will track actions and reactions in time. How fast a character's reactions are and how quickly he is able to recover from an action that targeted him.


  1. Angus -- is there any chance we could get a look at the new background materials. After all that transpired last year, I'm more than happy to "jump ship" to another similar background -- and I'd love to see what you've build. Please? Begging? ;)


  2. Hi Brennan, drop me an email directly: angusmcnicholl (at) btinternet (dot) com ;)

  3. Hello!
    Is there any new development regarding Dark Stars? I'd love to see more of it!

    1. have to admit that development is very slow. I did write a little fiction for it last month, but the reality of the situation is that I've not got a lot of time right now, and Scottish Politics dominated a good chunk of year as I was involved with the campaign for Independence.

      I have a couple of other design related jobs now urgently need my attention before I can get back to my own projects. Got a book cover to design for 4th Glasgow Chronicles novel, and I need to complete the artwork for the RPG Dark Places, and all before the year end.

      I am sorry that that leaves Dark Stars in limbo, but that is one of the problems of being a solo writer, you get complete control, but it takes ages and you have no one else there to motivate you. I was earlier in the year doing a rewrite of the background, trying to give it a more subjective voice and giving the game more focus on the 'dynastic class'.

    2. Yeah, I imagine that it has been a very busy moment, and that the after-effects of the referendum must have been a bit hard for you. Seen from France, I cannot really pronounce myself on British and Scottish Politics, but it would have made History, for sure! (By the way, it reminds me of a world called Bannockburn in Fading Suns, another proof that Scotland’s History impacts the Known World more than most think it does!).

      Dark Stars have time. Anyway it is better to take time than to hurry when writing is involved. This is the best way to do it right. And it seems that this universe is so deep that it would be a shame to waste it. We will wait, and enjoy every released news… when they come!

      Good luck for all your projects! And most of all, best wishes for the Holiday season!

  4. As a long time Fading Suns fan, and a professional writer/editor/publisher, I'd be happy to help out with editing if you ever needed it.

  5. I may well take you up on that offer Adam. I still have a fair bit of writing to do before i can share with anyone else. I have a lot of stuff mapped out in my head, its just finding the time to get it out of there an on to paper... if the winter is a cold one I'm inclined to spend less time in my painting shed and more time writing in front of the fire :)